Our Mission

To identify, through regional evaluation and testing under low input conditions, the most disease and pest resistant, hardiest and most garden-worthy rose cultivars and to provide objective, accurate and reliable information about the cultivars tested for each region to industry professionals and the gardening public.


Our Vision

Environmental Responsibility


 All of our horticultural decisions are guided by scientifically-sound research-based information regarding ecological responsibility.

No Synthetic Chemicals

To assess a plant's real performance, all of our evaluations are performed in a truly "no spray" environment without the application of any pesticides (including fungicides, insecticides, and miticides) or fertilizers.

Transparency & Integrity

Expertise & Accuracy


 A.R.T.S.® guarantees objective, accurate, and reliable performance assessments of rose cultivars submitted for testing.  We maintain and protect the integrity and credibility of our program by having clearly developed testing protocols and winners based on performance relative to reference cultivars planted in each trial alongside entries.



Because our evaluators have a high level of practical expertise, and perform evaluations based solely on our strict protocol and judging guidelines, A.R.T.S.®   performance assessments are both objective and accurate.