What makes an A.R.T.S.® Local Artist regional winner? 

The evaluation criteria of A.R.T.S.® was developed through consulting with American gardeners, nurserymen and landscapers and our scoring system rewards what today’s gardeners are overwhelmingly looking for in their roses: strong health, repeated cycles of attractive bloom, and a manageable and attractive plant form.  We have gone to great lengths to identify these characteristics using precise scientific language and develop a numerical scoring system that is simple and unbiased.  

Included in the scientific randomized block planting plan of every A.R.T.S.® trial site throughout the country are two control or reference rose cultivars.  One of these controls is designated as the “national control” which is planted at every A.R.T.S.® trial site throughout the country.  The other control is designated as the “regional control” and may be different for each region of the country but remains constant for every trial site within a particular climate region.

A.R.T.S.® local artists are determined based on how a rose scores compared to our two control roses planted in each regional trial.  The scores of the two control roses are averaged and those roses which perform better than this average score receive the Local Artist Award.  To become an A.R.T.S.® Master Rose a rose must receive the Local Artist regional award for at least 4 climate regions.

To find out which climate region you should pay attention to you’ll want to consult our climate map.

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