The Tulsa Rose Garden has suffered great losses due to the rose rosette virus.  In former years the garden contained over 9000 individual rose plants.  Many older cultivars were no longer commercially available and were raised in house.  Now the 4 1/2 acre site is in a transition.  It will still feature roses but the incorporation of other plant materials will create a more diverse site.  The rose garden had been an All-American Rose Selection Test Garden since 1945.  The garden is supported by the Tulsa Garden Club with funding for roses and their care.  The Garden Club's support began in 1935 and continues today.

The Tulsa Municipal Rose Garden is located within the historic 45 acre Woodward Park.  Dating to 1909, Woodward Park was enhanced in the 1930's by the W.P.A. using local limestone to create a rock garden with naturalistic streams and pools.  The rock garden area is planted with perennials and seasonal annuals.  This was followed by the construction of the rose garden.  A 45 year old, 2 1/2 acre azalea garden; the Anne Hathaway Municipal Herb Garden; the Tulsa Garden Center; Conservatory and Sunken Garden; the Linnaeus Teaching Garden; and an Arboretum are all within Woodward Park.

Trial site manager:  Mark Linholm

Trial site contact:

Location of A.R.T.S.® site within property:  4th western most terrace of the 5 terrace Tulsa Municipal Rose Garden

Geographic region for A.R.T.S.® trial data purposes:  Cfa-Humid Subtropical Climate (see CLIMATE MAP)


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2435 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa OK  74114


Hours of Operation:

5 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily