North Dakota State University (NDSU) is the land-grant university for North Dakota with a four-year Bachelors of Science degree in Horticulture.  NDSU is the only university that offers a horticulture degree in North Dakota.  The Department of Plant Sciences offers a four-year curriculum in horticulture leading to the Bachelor of Science degree.  There are five horticulture options:  horticulture biotechnology, horticulture science, landscape design, production-business and urban forestry and parks.  Loftsgard Hall, a state of the art facility, houses the Department of Plant Sciences, including classrooms, research labs and student learning centers.  Other facilities include a campus arboretum, campus greenhouses, the Horticulture Research Farm and Arboretum near Absaraka and NDSU Research/Extension Centers located throughout the state. Students have the opportunity for hands-on educational experiences as well as participation in research projects focusing on relevant issues for the state and region.

The NDSU Dale E. Herman Research Arboretum is part of the NDSU Horticulture Research Farm located just east of Absaraka, ND.  This research arboretum is the most extensive collection of woody ornamental plants in North Dakota and in the Northern Great Plains.  Approximately 45 acres is used for evaluation, selection and breeding research on woody ornamentals.  There have been over 9500+ accessions obtained, evaluated and developed since planting began in 1974.  Accessions have been collected from local, regional, national and international sources.  All plants are arranged alphabetically by genus with germplasm representing each letter from the alphabet from A to Z.  This makes the arboretum more accessible and enhances its value for teaching, research, and educational use.  The research arboretum contains 200+ genera and over 5,000 accession of woody ornamentals.

Trial site manager:  Dr. Todd P. West, NDSU Woody Plant Improvement Director

Trial site contact:

Location of A.R.T.S.® site within property:  located at the NDSU Dale E. Herman Research Arboretum at the NDSU Horticulture Research Farm located near Absaraka, ND.

Geographic region for A.R.T.S.® trial data purposes:  Dfb- Humid Continental (cool summer) Climate (see CLIMATE MAP)



1340 Administration Ave., Fargo, ND  58102


Hours of Operation:

Open 5 days (M-F) a week during growing season; arrangements must be made for site visit with trial site manager