San Joaquin County Cooperative Extension is housed with the county Agricultural Commissioner and Office of Emergency Services in the Robert J. Cabral Agricultural Center, a modern conference and office facility.  Surrounding the building is the UCCE Learning Landscape, a series of small, themed, climate-appropriate gardens open to the public 7 days a week.  Employees and visitors to the Center can use the gardens for a stroll during their breaks or can sit in the shade of the arbor to have a casual lunch.  Informational signs teach principles of sustainable gardening in a Mediterranean climate. The Learning Landscape is maintained by the UC Master Gardeners of San Joaquin County and is used for educational Open Garden Days. The gardens are also used to teach a variety of workshops for landscape professionals.  The A.R.T.S® plots are the newest additions to the Center’s sustainable demonstration gardens and will provide a beautiful educational experience for visitors and the Center’s workers.

Trial site manager:  Karrie Reid, Environmental Horticulture Advisor with UCCE

Trial site contact:

Location of A.R.T.S.® site within property:  The ARTS plots are located on the south side of the property (the front) between the sidewalk and parking lot east of the building.

Geographic region for A.R.T.S.® trial data purposes: Csa- Mediterranean Climate (see CLIMATE MAP)


Salvia front of building 3.JPG


UCCE San Joaquin County, 2101 E. Earhart Ave., Stockton, CA 95206-3949


Hours of Operation:

Open 7 days a week during daylight hours except holidays