University of Minnesota is part of the national network of land-grant institutions with a mission to address critical public issues through teaching, research and outreach.  Extension delivers on the University's land-grant mission, working with Minnesotans to address important issues, creating a better world for future generations.

Other trials and gardens at the University of Minnesota Extension include the Northern Earth-Kind Rose Trial at Centennial Dog Park -- 2600 15th Ave., N. Moorhead, MN; Hydrangea Earth-Kind Trial at Cottonwood Park -- intersection of Bean Ave. & Prior St., Dilworth, MN.

Trial site manager:  Randy Nelson, UMN Extension Educator, Clay County

Trial site contact:

Location of A.R.T.S.® site within property:  Oak Tree Park -- Oakview Dr. and 4th Ave. NW, Dilworth, MN.  planted on the western edge of the park

Geographic region for A.R.T.S.® trial data purposes:  Dfb - Humid Continental cool summer Climate (see CLIMATE MAP)



715 11th St., N. Suite 107B, Moorhead, MN  56560


Hours of Operation:

close at sunset